Liquor liability cases involve seeking accountability from restaurants and bars when their intoxicated patrons cause accidents and injuries. In Knoxville, Tennessee, the Ellis & Ellis Law, P.C., excels at handling these types of cases. We also pursue claims for lost wages, loss of earning capacity, vocational impairments and punitive damages where warranted.This is an area of personal injury that we feel strongly about. With passion and zeal, we represent people who have caused injury or been injured themselves due to their intoxication. We seek accountability from bars, restaurants and other establishments for serving alcohol to obviously intoxicated persons. This type of suit is known as a dram shop lawsuit. By going after these liquor providers, we seek to make them responsible for losses that occur as a result of their negligent actions.

Our clients have been injured because of careless servers, bartenders and others. Our goal is to explore all options for obtaining compensation for their losses. We help clients receive medical care and obtain payment for their medical bills. We also pursue claims for lost wages and other damages.


Knoxville liquor liability lawyer Martin Ellis has a broad knowledge of how to best handle and prepare personal injury claims and suits. With more than 30 years of experience and a true dedication to client service, our firm works personally with all clients to ensure their needs are addressed and questions answered. We represent injured clients in Knoxville, across the state of Tennessee, nationally and internationally.

We represented a semi-professional drag racer from British Columbia, Canada, who was severely injured when in a car wreck in Nashville, Tennessee. Our client has incurred $1.7 million in medical expenses, and there is still the risk of amputation of our client’s right foot. Due to our rapid response, we were able to meet with our client while still in intensive care and begin the investigation of the site within hours. Through meticulous preparation and site investigation, the case as to the automobile defendants was settled for a confidential amount. We then proceeded against the bar/restaurant defendant. Through intensive preparation, it was determined that the defendant maintained a 16 camera video surveillance system at the time of the collision. We were able to prove that the defendant failed to maintain the video surveillance for the evening in question when its employee became intoxicated. We filed a Motion for Spoliation of Evidence and to Impose Liability against this defendant. Shortly thereafter, we were invited to mediation. The case settled against the bar/restaurant defendant for a confidential amount.

In this type of case often speed is of the essence. In dram shop cases, it is not unusual for a bar or restaurant to have video surveillance systems in place. It has been our experience that these video surveillance systems usually have a looping process that does not preserve the videos for longer than 48 hours, seven days, 14 days, 30 days or 45 days. Therefore, it is very IMPORTANT that we be contacted immediately so that emails or letters can be faxed to the potential defendant to require them to preserve evidence of over-serving or serving to underage patrons. It is through evidence such as this that the liability is more easily established. It is also imperative that the owners of the bars or restaurants be contacted immediately. If they fail to preserve evidence in place and make it available, they may be found to have spoiled (a.k.a. failed to preserve or spoliated) relevant evidence and liability may be imposed by the Court.

If you or a loved one was harmed in a car crash, motor vehicle accident or other incident due to intoxication, contact us for assistance.


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